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By clicking on "I Agree," you agree, warrant and covenant as follows:
Thank you for helping IJM protect the poor from violence.

By clicking “I agree”, participant agrees to the terms outlined in the Certificate of Understanding.


1. The individual or group is responsible for all planning and execution of events not organized by IJM Canada. IJM Canada staff will be available to provide limited guidance.

2. Individuals and groups must use IJM Canada’s name in a way that promotes our positive image. Please submit a draft of any material (i.e. poster, t-shirt, flyer, etc.) to for approval.

3. You must have your own necessary insurance and permits.

4. No event or affiliation that involves gambling will be approved. Gambling is defined as a paid chance to participate in possibly winning a prize. Unpaid games are acceptable given that participation is free and no monetary prizes are awarded.

5. All fundraising events to benefit IJM Canada must follow all applicable laws, including laws regarding tax deductions.

6. IJM Canada will not release the names, addresses, or phone numbers of donors or prospects to third parties

7. The individual will be held liable for any fraudulent use of donations received on behalf of IJM.
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