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International Justice Mission Canada

In a world where the poor have no voice and are frequently the victims of brutal violence and abuse, it is often the case that the difference between life and death - freedom and prison - justice and injustice - starkly depends upon whether or not someone can show up on their behalf.

When you create a fundraising campaign, you can help raise awareness and resources so IJM can show up on behalf of women and girls trafficked into prostitution, entire families forced to work long hours in abusive bonded slave labour and other victims of violent oppression.

This online tool allows people to ask their friends to support them in their own grassroots initiatives to raise awareness and resources for IJM Canada. By friends supporting each other through fundraising initiatives, IJM can continue to boldly serve as a voice for the voiceless in our world, providing these men, women and children with rescue, support and renewed hope for their lives and futures.

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